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Check --->  Women's Yukata

Check --->  Women's Yukata Obi

How To Tie a Women's Obi - Tsukuri Obi

1. Hold the Obi with Straps on the top. 
 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 9
2. While holding one strap, wrap the Obi
    around the waist 2 times.

 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 3
3. Tie the Straps, and push them behind the

 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 4
4. While inhaling, move the Obi towards the
     Obi (clockwise).

 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 5
5. Take the bow.  You will se a clip and two  

 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 6
6. Slide the clip in between Yukata and the Obi
    in the back.
 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 7
7. There are two straps connected to the bow.
    Bring the straps from the back to the front.

 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke  8
8. Tie those straps in the front. Push the
    inside the Obi to hide.
 Pre tied Obi Kitsuke 10

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