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Men's Yukata Men's Jinbei Women's YukataYukata Obi

Geta/HeelsLace Tabi SocksKinchaku Bag
"Taisho Roman" Haneri Kanzashi Hair Piece
"Tsumami Zaiku" Earring"Komono" Goods / MSC

WAKK-152 Cute Bright Red Awase Komon WAFO-102 Stunning Silk Karaori Fukuro Obi
Our Price: $63.00
Our Price: $105.00
Komon Fukuro Obi
Bright Red - Tatewaku
Mitake - 141cm
Yuki - 62cm

Black/Red  - Paulownia
BGJ-141 Baby Girl Bunny Blossom Jinbei <80> WAKK-165 Beautiful Pinky Red Chrysanthemum Komon
Our Price: $32.00
Our Price: $57.00
Baby Girl's Jinbei Komon
Pink - Ichimatsu Bunny
Pinky Red - Chrysanthemum
Mitake - 145cm
Yuki - 62.5cm

MYS-158 Men's Yukata - LL BGJ-146 Baby Girl Jinbei <80>
Our Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $60.00
You save $10.00!
Our Price: $33.00
Men's Yukata Baby Girl's Jinbei
Cream - Shibori Design
White - Apple & Strawberry


Why Shop at Shimazakura?

1. Authenticity
We only carry authentic Japanese items. We import the items straight from Japan. You can find fake Japanese Kimono or Yukata (as they call) all over the internet nowadays however, we don't carry them.
***Please note : The term "Authentic" used here includes the items (mostly Yukata and Jinbei) which are made from the Japanese fabric and only patterned in other countries under Japanese director's supervison. High percentage of the Yukatas in the Japanese market today are made this way.

2. Quality
We guarantee the quality and the beauty of our products. We spend time and effort to find and select the items we believe make customers happy. We also carefully coordinate the matching items for the set items.

3. Affordable Price
Japanese Kimono related products can be very expensive even in Japan. Lots of Japanese import items are often over priced here in U.S due to the cost and time consumption of import transaction. (ex. some Japanese magazines are sold 2 or 3 times more than their retail prices in Japan) A lot of our product prices are much lower than their actual retail prices in Japan.We try our best to offer a great quality item for an affordable price.

4. No wait (for U.S customers)
We try our best to process your order and ship it quickly. We ask customers for 3 business days to ship the item however, we ship the item next business day 90% of the time !! We ship directly from U.S. You do not have to wait long to receive your item. We use USPS Priority mail as our shipping method. Therefore, you will be able to receive the item in 2 to 3days
(most U.S cities).

5. No Import Tax (for U.S customers)
You do not have to worry about the import tax. Your order will be shipped directly from U.S.

6. Take Returns
We have a pride in all of our products. If you do not like our product for some reason, we take it back. You just follow the return instructions listed on the return section.
** Exception : Sale items and Antique items

7. Customer Care
We try our best to provide the great customer care. If you have any questions or any problems feel free to contact us. We normally respond within 48hours.

Enjoy Shopping at !!!


- Women's Yukata
- Girl's Yukata
- Men's Jinbei

- Men's Samue
- Men's Fleece Samue
-Men's Shingen Bag
- Women's Tabi Socks
- Women's Koshihimo

- Women's Hanten Jacket
- Men's Hanten Jacket
- Men's Jinbei
- Girl's Geta Sandals
- Furoshiki Handkerchief
- Furoshiki Art Bar
- Men's Samue

- Men's Samue
- Boy's Jinbei
- Girl's Jibei
- Women's Yukata
- Girl's Yukata

- Girl's Jinbei
- Boy's Jinbei
- Women's Geta Sandals
- Women's Yukata Obi

- Women's Yukata
- Men's Jinbei
- Children's Happi Coat
- Girl's Jinbei
- Boy's Jinbei
- Kinchaku Bag
- Yukata Obi
- Girl's Yukata
- Women's Geta Sandals
- Men's Geta Sandals

- USED Yukata
- USED Geta, Zori
- USED Obi

- Men's Jinbei
- Men's Yukata
- Men's Kaku Obi
- Women's Yukata
- Women's Obi
- Women's Geta Sandals
- Colin Belt
- Obi Makura
- Obi Ita
- Kimono/Yukata Slip
- Girl's Jinbei
- Girl's Yukata Set
- Boy's Jinbei

- Fan

- Women's Recycle Kimono

- Women's Yukata
- Furoshiki Handkerchief
- Men's Jinbei
- Men's Yukata
- Boy's Jinbei
- Women's Yukata Obi
Women's Geta Sandals

- Women's Yukata Obi
- Women's Pre-tied Obi
- Women's Kimono Slip
- Koshihimo
- Magic Belt
- Obi ita

- Furoshiki Room Decoration

- Hanhaba Obi
- Tenugui Handkerchief
- Sensu Fan
- Small Items

- USPS Standard Post is available for bulk orders

restrictions apply to
areas (zone 5 and above)
order weight (4lb and up)
order total ($80 and up)
*** Tracking & insurance included

Tsumami Kanzashi

Women's Kimono Set


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The best room decoration for the Kimono Lover's !!

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Our Price: $245.00
Sale Price: $195.00
You save $50.00!
Cranes and the Sun


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Customer Review

When speaking of where to purchase traditional Japanese clothing, Shimazakura is your ONE STOP SHOP! I recently purchased a women's geta, yukata and tsukuriobi set.  Not only was the Japanese attire authentic and meticulously made it is altogether GORGEOUS! Customer service is FABULOUS answering all of my emails PROMPTLY and in a very kind and professional manner.  The shipping was extremely FAST and the packaging superb. I am more than ELATED over finding such a treasure as Shimazakura and will return again and again.  THANK YOU!!

From A.J. (Michigan )
I am very happy with the service I received when ordering from Shimazakura.My order was prompt and in pristine condition when I received everything. I look forward to ordering from them in the future.
From A.M (Pensacola / FL)

I ordered an obi from Shimazakura and it was shipped very quickly. It was wrapped nicely and is beautiful. I would definitely order from them again!
From Michelle (Chicago / IL)