Size Chart
*This is a standard size chart for yukata and jinbei.
The actual length of the items may vary depends on the brand and the maker. Please use this as a reference.

Women's Yukata
* Women's Yukata size could be little more flexible than men's, since the Yukata will be fold around the waist. If you have any questions (ex.which size fits you best etc...), feel free to contact us.
 Size      Mitake (length of yukata)    Best Fit Height (recommended Height)
 Petite      154cm     61"
      145 ~ 157cm / 4'9"~5'2"
      163cm     64"
      152 ~ 168cm / 5'~5'6"
 Tall      167cm     66"
      162 ~ 173 / 5'4"~5'8"

Men's Yukata
*You might have noticed that Men's Yukata length is much shorter than women's. That is because you do not have to fold Yukata around the waist,which women do, for men's Yukata.
*** Finding the best fit Yukata could be difficult for some men. That is because all the Yukatas are made totally based on the height. For instance, if you are 6 feet and very slim built... size LL's length will be perfect however, it may be too big around the shoulder and the chest area. Or if you are 5'8" and has a very big frame, size M's length might fit well however, it could be little tight around the waist. If you are very slim, you may be able to lower the size as long as your height is not far off from the recommended height for that size. If you have a very big frame, you may be able to get one size larger and alter the length.
 size   Mitake (lngth of yukata)
 Best Fit Height (Recommended Height)
 S   135cm      53"
 155~165cm      5'1 ~ 5'5"
 M   142cm      56"
 165~172cm      5'5" ~ 5'8"
 L   146cm      57"
 169~176cm      5'7" ~ 5'9"
 LL   150cm      59"
 172~182cm      5'8" ~ 6'1

Men's Jinbei

 size chest waist Best Fit Height (Recommended Height)
 S 31"~35" 27"~30" 155~165cm   5'1~5'5"
 M 35"~38"
 30"~33" 165~175cm   5'5"~5'9"
 L 38"~41" 33"~37" 175~185cm   5'9"~6'1"
 LL 39"~43" 35"~39" 180~190cm   5'11"~6'3"

Kid's and Baby's Jinbei/ Yukata

 size Best Fit Height
 size Best Fit Height
 70 60~70cm     23"~27"
 110 105~115cm     3'4"~3'9"
 80 70~80cm     27"~31"
 120 115~125cm     3'9"~4'1"
 90 80~90cm     31"~35"
 130 125~135cm     4'1"~4'5"
 100 90~105cm    35"~3'4"
 140 135~145cm     4'5"~4'9"