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Shimazakura presents


Let's share your favorite "和" = Japanese moment !!!

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I know it wasn't easy to dress her but you did a great job!!
Thank you so much we really appreciate your kindness and patience!! Her father is part Japanese and is deployed right now and he loves the kimono! Thank you again!

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Thank you for my very first jinbei! I will cherish this with gratitude.
Patrick San / U.S.A

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"Water Balloons"
She is 10 months old and is enjoying the her first Sakura Festival.
Her favorite part was playing with the water balloons and handling
them to other people. She got lots of compliments on her jinbei.
Thank you for all that you do.
Selena san / Denver, Colorado, USA

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kkonnichiwa shimazakura san !
today i pickt up my samue
it looks realy nice

thanx a lot
Renato san /
Cologne Germany
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Good morning,
Thank you for the outstanding product.
I wore my kimono with my hakama and shitagi to my iaido class.
My Sempai approved.

Vincent san / California U.S.A
 photo Photo_zps48f6e1d6.jpg
Just finished our summer Bon Odori here in Seattle. The weather was beautiful along with all the colorful kimonos. Here are a few photos of Bon Odori along with a few at the Seattle Japanese Gardens.
Geri san / U.S.A
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 photo photo1_zpscd16bd13.jpg
Here's my daughter in her beautiful new jinbei, all dressed up for my school's multicultural night. She was a big hit!
Thanks so much!
Siobhan san and Baby A
chan/ U.S.A

 photo doubletrouble_zps75f8630f.png
We had fun with our recent purchase of a komono from your lovely shop. Here is a picture of my wife 'cosplaying' Rukia Kuchiki of the anime BLEACH (366 episodes!!)
Have a great day!
John san and Wiangfa san / U.S.A

Hello, thank you so much for shipping my yukata and haori! I am 110%
satisfied with my purchase!
Antique Women's Haori (Komon print, pink and gold silk with pink striped lining)
for Aki Matsuri 2012 (Japanese fall festival)
ポピーさん (Poppy-san) / Austin, Texas U.S.A
 photo 20130323_115741_zpsc971a5ee.jpg
My daughters first Jinbei and already she really likes wearing it. She loves it. Thanks
Natashia san / Wesson, MS USA

Thank you very much! We loved our daughter's first jinbei! It is really good quality and well made. It was also shipped to us quickly. She was also very comfortable in it and was able to crawl all over the place!

Mika san / U.S.A

Usagi Yukata!
Our daughter loves to wear yukatas. It is a special way for her to connect with her heritage.
Fusako san / Arizona
, U.S.A

Hello -
Thank you very much for the great & personal service!
I love the handwritten note!
I hope you enjoy the photos attached.
Donna san / U.S.A

Kyouya san

This is my newest kimono, it is a beautiful lavender with wave patterns woven into it. I started taking Japanese Dance two years ago, its so much fun! Its wonderful to have such a reliable place to find kimonos and accessories in the US! Tha nks
Carter san / U.S.A

This is my first yukata and I didn't wear it wrong. The reason why it looks like right over left is because I take the picture from the mirror =p My yukata has pink, black and white cherry blossoms with a black/red obi=] I don't have a full photo shot for the whole out fit because no one wants to take a picture of me lol
Stephanie san/Newton, MA

This is a picture a friend took of me at the Japanese Friendship Gardens, my boyfriend got this for me off of this site a year ago.
Britney san

This is my very first yukata. It was sent to me by a very good friend of mine who is now my kind and loving husband.
Utsana san / Australia
Lissie san

love it, thanks again and I will continue to check up on the site
for more beautiful kimonos.
Heather san / U.S.A

Kimono is not of any brand. It is my work. Same goes for the hair equipment.
Tessia san / Slovakia

This is our daughter Naomi Kako Maddocks. She is 2 months old.
We love her kimono and can't wait to purchase another one.

Jared, Chantal and Naomi san / U.S.A

Here is a photo of the pink nagoya obi and objime I recently purchased.
Bethanee san /U.S.A

Japanese garden Photo in Southern Japan
Martha san / Natchitoches, LA U.S.A

Morikami Bon Festival
Delray san / FL

Here are some photos of the kimono I bought from you guys a while ago..
it was used in a small theatrical performance.
Mostly I use it as refernce material while I am trying to design, make and sew my own kimono for a 42 year old male, 5'7, weighing 250#.... quite a challenge.
Michael san /GA U.S.A


Here is my komon kimono picture w/white fukuro obi.
karen san / U.S.A

Yukata for Halloween? I was passing out candy this past year for Halloween and I seriously didn't have anything else to wear so I grabbed my yukata and stuck an robe under it to keep me warm. Believe it or not it gets cold in Arizona!
Dina san/ Tucson, AZ
Hi Shimazakura,
Here are my pictures about custom event... .
Kissy san / FL U.S.A

I bought practically my whole outfit from you guys at Japanfest. I love this antique seafoam green Iromuji! I think it's my second favorite
color to Purple! Thank you so much!
You were so friendly and nice! ^__^
Ai chan san / Pensacola, FL U.S.A

It is Outstanding set of clothing! I definitely look forward to doing more business with you all! Arigato!
Aaron san / CT U.S.A

Here is a photo of my daughter Beatrix at the Obon at the Oregon Buddhist Temple in Portland, OR. She is nine-months old in this photo.Thank you for selling such beautiful items
! arigato,
Tara san / Portland, OR USA
Charlotte yukata Show
Yukata fashion Show Models
Charlotte, NC USA
jade yukata back
This is a 09' trend obi called. "Tenshi no obi" = Angel Obi. Does it look like she has a little angel wings??
I live in the high desert (7,400 feet) in Santa Fe 
New Mexico, and the jinbei is perfect for afternoon
and evening wear around the house,patio, or
immediate compound of houses in the late spring, s
ummer, and early
George san / Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
George Burris

Very Kawaii !!
Atlanta no minasan / Georgia, USA

First butterflies in the garden
Kira san / Ontario, Canada

I live in the high desert (7,400 feet) in Santa Fe 
New Mexico, and the jinbei is perfect for afternoon
and evening wear around the house,patio, or
immediate compound of houses in the late spring, s
ummer, and early
George san / Santa Fe, New Mexico USA


1st Prize Winner -----> No. 005 Mizu ( Most Public Votes !!)
2nd Prize Winner -----> No. 004 Stely ( Beautiful & Creative Yukata !! )
3rd Prize Winner -----> No. 009 Reina ( Well dressed / Beautiful Kitsuke !! )
No. 001
* My first sakura festival
This is my very first kimono I picked out this year during the sakura festival in Japan town San
Francisco. I was so excited to have found one and spent the afternoon wearing it. My husband took this photo inside the hotel. The kimono is cotton navy with white & pink detailing, silk brightly colored obi, white tabi and black zori.
* Bethanee C. / Japan town, San Francisco U.S.A

No. 002
* Here are my pictures about custom event... .
* Kissy / FL U.S.A

No. 003
* First butterflies in the garden
* Kira / Ontario, Canada

No. 004
* This custom yukata look like batik pattern(indonesia tra sitional stye), with maroon color, look ellegant, but cute in the same time
Stely / Jakarta Indonesia

No. 005
Yukata is decorated with orchids, gold fishes and dots. It wasn't a set, all was bought separatly.
Mizu / France
No. 006
* Strolling Among the Blossoms
This is Sakura Sunday in Philadelphia, April 12th, 2010. A beautiful day for a stroll in my Summer kimono.
* Beryl / Philadelphia, PA U.S.A
No. 007
*Indigo dyed Shibori yukata with butterflies, and pink obi with woven butterflies (I figured a plain obi to make the shibori stand out) @ the 2010 Powell St Festival in Vancouver. I bought the bag at the festival!!
Mariko / Vancouver, Canada
No. 008
* Light yellow/orange with white and red carnation blossoms; maroon and gold obi with pink lace tie
Styling: Everything was bought separately. I styled the lace first and did a butterfly tie with my obi; worn at the Seaport Festival.
Teeny / Japan
No. 009
Reina Alcaria
No. 010
* The Yukata is dark purple with a print of flowers and a Heian princess sitting atop a cloud among blossoms. The Hanhaba obi is decorated with a red cord, also I am wearing dark green zori.
* Karen /
USA, New Hampshire
No. 011
* This was a birthday gift for my daughter for her 15th birthday. We went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant and it was the first time putting this on ourselves. It is not perfect but I think she looks beautiful.
Shawn Gillikin (Emily Gillikin in picture)/ USA
No. 012
*while walking through Central Park looking around in the area, we seen this scenery that was a lot more beautiful then we had thought.
* Maritza / ATL, GA U.S.A

No. 013
* This is my first yukata set, bought separately but at the same shop. The yukata has purple and white flowers, each outlined in gold. The obi is purple with sparkles, butterflies and a fancy line design. I like to wear this with flowers in my hair and jewelry, taking hints from recent trends. I put together the decoration in the front and sculpted the leaf! I wear this yukata as often as I can.
* Carrie / Florida U.S.A
No. 014
* For my modern styling, created by folding and draping a full-length yukata over my favorite skirt and wearing a underbust corset in place of an obi!
* Alicia / GA U.S.A
No. 015
* I chose contrasting colours for the yukata and obi to give it a playful look. The pink and green very suit the summer season.
* Ha Kim / Canada
No. 016
* Fancy Yukata Style - Traditional Yukata & Hanhaba obi plus obijime and fancy tabi sox.
* Rebecca / Arizona U.S.A
No. 017
* In both photos I'm wearing the same set - An indigo, stripped, butterfly yukata and a white, chidori obi belt.
The first photo was taken during Japanese festival in Poznan, while the second one was taken in my garden.This yukata is a very first yukata that I own and it was sewn by my older sister.

* Kasia / Poland

No. 018
* For my styling I was trying to create a calming summer affect with the fun dragonfly/flower pattern and decided to use a matching color with the obi so that it would not draw away from the pattern on the yukata.
Megan /
New York, USA
No. 019
* Here are a few pictures of me wearing my first yukata set at the Natsu Matsuri in Alabama. The yukata that I am wearing has a splash of dark and light pink floral arrangements on a maroon colored background. The obi came along with the yukata and was arranged into a butterfly in the back. The other accessories such as the red ume flower obi belt, kinchaku bag and koshihimo (which is not seen) was purchased from the Shimazakura website! I purchased this yukata while studying abroad in Japan this past summer.
* Simone / U.S.A

Let's share your favorite "和" = Japanese moment !!!
Yukata shot, Jinbei shot, Hair arrangement shot etc...
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