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Here you can find how to find out your KIMONO, JUBAN, HAORI, HAKAMA, and ZORI (GETA) size.
***If you are about to start a Kimono Life, it is good to know your measurements in "cm", the scale used in Japan.

Let's find out your Height in "cm " .

your height (inch) 2.54 = your height (cm)

ex. 65.5 x 2.54 = 166.37 ----> 166cm

*** Older generation Japanese People's height and arms were much shorter than the ones' of people of Today. If you are a female taller than 165cm/5'5" or a male 175cm/5'9" might have difficulty finding Antique Kimonos for your size.
Still Keep looking though !!!

★★★★★ Easy Measurement ★★★★★

Men's Measurement
Kimono Kitake (Length)
Your Height (cm) - 25 ~ 27cm
Juban Mitake (Length)
Your Kimono Kitake - 4cm
Haori Take (Length)
Your Kimono Kitake - 50cm
Hakama Take (Length)
Your Kimono Kitake 0.6
***Please use this measurement as a reference. Actual best fit size is depending on each individual's body type and preference.

Women's Measurement
Kimono Mitake (Length)
*Your Height (cm) + ~10 cm or - ~ 10cm
Nagajuban Mitake (Length)
Your Height (cm) - 32cm
Haori Take (Length)
Your Height (cm)  2
Coat Take (Length)
Haori Take + 6 ~ 9cm
* Example Height- 160cm
If you are very slim : 150 ~ 160cm
If you are medium build : 155 ~ 165cm
If you are curvy or large build : 160 ~ 170cm is recommended.

***Please use this measurements as a reference. Actual best fit size depending on each individual's body type and preference.
*** Haori and Coat do not have certain length that you have to wear. Choose the length depending on your preference. Above is the most common length for each.

Names of Kimono parts

Mitake is the Kimono length from the shoulder top to the bottom.
For Male ---> Your Height (cm) - 25 ~ 27cm
For Female ---> Your Height (cm) or Your Height + or - 3~5cm

*** If you are a tall women, or you simply found the Kimono which is too short for you ---> You still have an option. Wear the Kimono in "Tsuitake" style = as seen in men's kimono, you wear a kimono without an Ohashori. If you do this, you can wear any kimono longer than your height - 25~ 27cm !! This style is becaming popular little by little becasue even for Japanese it is sometimes difficult to find a perfect length Antique Kimonos.

Recommended Sodetake length is depending on the types of Kimono, Kimono's Kaku (rank) and also your age etc...
Average Sodetake length ---> 48 ~ 60cm or Your Height (cm ) 3

Yuki is the center of the Kimono to the edge of the Sode.
Besides mitake, this is one of the most important measurement to know when you purchase a Kimono. Yuki take can be measured like this below.

*Stand straight and put your arm on the side 45degree from the ground. Measure from the center of your neck (on the neck bone) through the wrist bone. Make sure to go through the shoulder point shown on the picture (to the left).
*** Please Note : Old Japanese people's height and arms were much shorter than the ones' of the people today. Therefore it is very difficult to find the perfect Yuki take Antique Kimono if you are very tall or have long arms. For Antique Kimono lovers, this is understood and many people wear the shorter Yuki take Kimono in their own "粋- IKI " (stylish) way.
***Depends on the Kimono, you may be able to add some Yuki length to it.