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Haori Jacket Haori Jacket Haori Jacket
Of white / Navy - Landscape and Fan

Cream - Landcape

Bright Yellow - Kasuri

Haori Jacket Haori Jacket Haori Jacket
Black and White - Checkered

Light Beige - Gradation Flower and Leaf

Brown / Salmon Orange - Abstract Leaf
Haori Jacket Kimono Michiyuki Coat Haori Jacket
Brick Red - Textured Fabric
Navy - Hanabishi Multicolored - Leaf
Haori Jacket Kimono Rain Coat Kimono Rain Coat
Pink Beige / Purple Purple - Stripe Pink / Black - Checkered
Kimono Rain Coat Michiyuki Coat Michiyuki Coat
Red / Black - Checkered Light Gray Brick Red - Textured fabric
Kimono Rain Coat Kimono Michiyuki Coat Haori Jacket
Pink - Yabane / Checkered Ivory - Small Flower Soft Blossom Pink
Kimono Coat Hoari Jacket Michiyuki Coat
Orange Brown - Ichimatsu Brown / Pink

Michiyuki Coat Michiyuki Coat Haori Jacket
Navy / Orange Brown  - Modern Navy - Flower Leaf Motif
Kimono Rain Coat Michiyuki Jacket WAH-123   Pink Checkered Rain Coat
Black / Red - Stripe Plum - Elegant design

Pink Checkered Rain Coat
Mitake - 120
Yuki - 63