How To Tie a Women's Obi - Hira Obi

*There are many ways to wear Hira-Obi. This is the most easy basic way to tie the Obi.

1. Take about 16" from one Obi end and fold it         2. While holding Tesaki, wrap the Obi around
    in half. Hold this end on your left. This part             the waist 2 times.
    is called Tesaki. Hold the other side called
    Taresaki on your right.             

3. Fold the Taresaki to make a triangle shape.          4. Tie Tesaki and Taresaki together. Make
    It should be narrower towards left. 
                        sure to tie the way which the Tesaki will                                                                                    come up.

5. Bring Tesaki to the upper center and bring          6. Open up the Taresaki.
    Taresaki to the lower center. Make the
    vertical line.           
7. Bring the Taresaki from the center to the           8. Decide the Bow (Ribbon) length and fold
    right and fold to the front.                                      in the rest.

9. Bring down the Tesaki over the folded               10. Pull up the Tesaki behind the  Taresaki.
    Taresaki. Slide the Tesaki underneath the
    Taresaki in the center.                                                      
11. Roll up the Tesaki end towards you.             12. Insert the rolled up Tesaki behind
                                                                                 Obi. Fix the Ribbon shape.
13. While inhaling, move the bow towards                 ***** DEKIAGARI *****
the back (clockwise) .