How To Wear a Yukata

--->--->    1. Learning the names of the Yukata            2. When you wear a Yukata, long                  3. Flip the both sides of Sode to the          parts (is nice!).                                              Sode will always be on your way.                      back.

--->--->4. Bring up both sides of Tomoeri                     5. While holding the Tomoeri in the               6. Hold both sides of Tomoeri and
    to the center.                                            the front, fix the Senui to the                     Pull up the bottom of the Yukata.
                                                                   center.                                                     (Up to the ankle)

7. Pull the Uwamae to the front and            8. Open up the Uwamae and bring              9. Bring the Uwamae on top of
    decide the length. Your ankles                   the Shitamae to the front. Shitamae's         the Shitamae and cover it up.
    should be covered.                                   Tsumasaki should be about 4"                    Uwamae's Tsumasaki should
                                                                   above the ground.                                    be about 2" above the ground.

--->---> 10. Tie the Koshi-Himo around the                   11. Find the Miyatsuguchi (side                     12. Fix the shape and make a pretty
      waist. Make sure to tie tight.                       pockets) and put both hands                      Ohashori.
      Tack in the Koshi-Himo ends.                      there to pull th extra fabric to
                                                                      the front. (Over the Koshi-Himo)
--->--->  13. Make a fist size space in                          14. Tie the Koshi-Himo right below                   15. If you are slim build, there might 
      between back of your  neck and               the bust. Every time you tie                          be extra fabric on the side. Pull
      the Emon. Depending on your                   Koshi-Himo, make sure to tack it                  the back fabric to the front and
      body type, the Senui below the                 in. If you don't, a tail will show                     cover it up with the front fabric.
      Ohashori may not be in the                      under the Ohashori or the Obi as                   (This will make a clean look
      center. Do not worry about this.                you see on the picture.                                 from the side)
      Make sure the top half of
      Senui is in the center.

           ****** DEKIAGARI ! FINISHED!!  ******
Yes! You are now wearing a Yukata. If you can do this, all you have to do is to tie your Obi on top of the Ohashori. After this,  you are ready to go out !!!!!