Question : What is Yukata or Jinbei ?
Yukata is a Japanese traditional clothing for the summer. It is considered as a Summer
                Kimono or a Casual Kimono, which is shaped similar to a robe. Japanese Yukata is made
                of cotton for comfort.
Yukata is worn by Men and Women, Boys and Girls. Jinbei is a
                Japanese traditional summer clothing. It is a 2-piece set and has a Kimono like top and
                shorts. Jinbei can be worn outside or inside as a pajama. Jinbei has been enjoyed by
                Japanese men for a long time because of its casualness and comfort. It is also considered
                as the most preferred outfit to wear, when they want to relax and drink some beer on the
                patio deck on a hot sunny day!!

Question : Where can I wear a Yukata ?
Answer : In Japan, Yukata was mainly worn to the fireworks displays and the summer  
However, the popularity of this traditional clothing, Yukatais growing. More
               designers for
Yukata are emerging. More fashion magazines are covering about the
every year. For this reason, you see more people wearing a Yukata on the street
               today as a fashion trend. Luckily in U.S, there are Japanese related events and
               festivals in most of the big cities. Therefore, you can wear a Yukata to those places. If you
               are interested in Anime, you can wear it to the Anime conventions. Also, if you are into
               fashion, you can wear it to some fashion events or shows. Another great thing you can do
               with a Yukata is to use it as a decoration of the house. If you own a Yukata, why don't
               you showcase the beauty of it. It will bring a very elegant Ethnic flavor to your home for

Question : Where can I wear a Jinbei ?
Answer :
Jinbei was originally made to wear as a pajama. However, Jinbei  is worn to the fireworks
               displays, summer events, and even on the street nowadays. It is up to you if you want to
               wear it to some Japan related events in U.S or wear it inside the house as a pajama. 
               Because of its comfortableness, Jinbei is considered as a #1 favorable outfit to wear when
               you drink some beer on the deck on the hot sunny day. If you like an art, you can also
               frame your Jinbei and display it in your wall. That would be a very nice Asian theme
               decoration and sure to bring a new flavor to your house.

Question : How much does Yukata cost in Japan ?
Kimono related items could be very expensive. Yukata is considered as a casual Kimono
                compared with other types of Kimonos. Therefore, Yukata tends to be much more
                affordable. Yukata price in Japan is just like everything else. It varies. You can find one
                for about $40 but you will also see one for $600. It is all depends on the quality and the
                maker (Brand).

Question : What size should I wear?
Answer : Please read the " size chart " for a reference. All the Yukata sizes are based on the height.
               If you have any questions about the size for your particular body type, please feel free to
               contact us.

Question : Is it difficult to wear Yukata? 
Answer :  No ... For Women, however, might need some practice to get used to. In Japan, some
                people even pay for someone to help you wearing Yukata. Therefore we wouldn't say it is
                very easy, However, Yukata doesn't require lots of layers of undergarments like other
                types of Kimono do. This makes Yukata much easier to wear. There are two parts which
                could be troublesome for someone who wears a Yukata for the first time. One is when
                you fold the Yukata around the waist to make an Ohashori ( folded fabric which can be
                seen below an Obi) and the other is where you have to make a ribbon (or Other shapes)
                with an Obi. If you are totally new to Yukata, we recommend for you to get a
which already has a pre-tied ribbon for easy wear. It is not very difficult to
                wear a  Yukata, however we strongly recommend to practice before the day you actually
                wear it. Once you practice and learn how to wear a Yukata, you can wear it with no time.

                For Men... it is very easy. Since men do not have to make an Ohashori ( folded fabric
                around the waist ), you wear Yukata just like you wear a robe. Just make sure to pick the
                right Yukata size for you.

***If you have any Yukata related questions, please feel free to contact us.