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Why Shop With Us ?                

1. Authenticity
We only carry authentic Japanese Summer Kimono/Yukata and Jinbei. You might have seen some Kimonos or Yukatas (as they call....), made with satin like fabric, over the internet. Watch out! Those are not authentic "Japanese" items. You do not see them in Japan. We do not carry any of those look a like or fake "Japanese" products.

2. Quality
We guarantee the quality and the beauty of our products. We spend time and effort to find and select the items we believe make customers happy.

3. Affordable Price
Japanese Kimono related products can be very expensive. Our product price is very affordable and reasonable. Lots of Japanese import items are over priced here in U.S due to the cost and time consumption of import transaction. (ex. some Japanese magazines are sold 2 or 3 times more than their retail prices in Japan) Most of our product prices are much lower than their actual retail prices in Japan even we are importing them. We try our best to offer a great quality item for an affordable price.

4. Delivery Time
Do you know we are based in U.S? You do not have to wait long to receive your item. We use USPS Priority mail as our shipping method. Therefore, you will be able to receive the item in 2 to 3 days ( most U.S cities).

5. No Import Tax
You do not have to worry about the import tax. Our company is located in U.S therefore your item will be shipped from within U.S. There is no worry about paying the import tax.

6. Take Returns
We have a pride in all of our products. If you do not like our product for some reason, we take it back. You just follow the return instructions listed on the return section.

7. Customer Care
We try our best to provide the great customer care. If you have any questions or any problems feel free to contact us. We normally respond within 48hours.

Enjoy Shopping at !!!