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How To Tie a Men's Obi - Kaku Obi

How to tie kaku obi 1
1. Take 11-16" from the edge.
2. Flip the Obi into half showing the design print out.
3. Move the folded Obi ends to V shape like the photo.
Wrap the other end of Obi around your waist.

** Try to wrap right below your stomach. When you see the Obi from the side, the front should be lower than the back.
** Pull the Obi each time you wrap the waist to make the Obi fits tightly.
4. Depending on your body type, you wrap the Obi twice or three times around your lower waist. For the last round, bring the wide Obi above the folded Obi end. Hold about 8" from the center.
5. Fold the wide Obi end back in towards your right waist.

** Now the wide Obi end is layered.
6. Wrap the folded end by the wide end and pull it up.

** Pull the wide and up and folded end down tightly.
7. Bring up the folded end towards upper left.
8. Pull down the wide end over the folded end.
9. Let the wide end go under the folded end and pull it up.

** Do not tie too hard !! Try to keep the nice knot shape.
10. Hold the Obi knot using right hand and the back of the Obi using left hand. While you breathe in, slide the Obi knot all the way to the back.
FRONT : Tha'ts it !! Make sure to check if the collar area is in the right place and the waist area is clean (not many wrinkles).

** For men... if you have trouble walking in the Yukata, try to squat like a Sumo wrestler (spread legs about the shoulder width). This will loosen up inside the yukata and make you easier to walk !!

BACK : The location of your Obi knot is up to you. Some prefer it to to be in the center and some prefer off center.
***** DEKIAGARI *****