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I just received the jinbei and samui I purchased from Shimazakura, and I am so pleased! The quality is amazing and wonderful. My husband and his twin(my brother-in-law) are celebrating their 29th birthday on the 27th of October, and their birthday presents arrived well in advance.They both love Japan and Japanese culture, and have often mentioned how they admire Japanese leisure-wear and traditional outdoor work-wear. My husband traveled to Japan for the first time last year, and he spent almost 30 days traveling from Narita to Hokkaido, then down to Fukuoka and Nagasaki. He visited shrines, temples, Universal Studios in Osaka, and spent most of his time hiking and camping outdoors. He enjoyed staying in hostels and he even stayed in a capsule hotel! He loved Motohakone most of all, as it reminded him of mountain town in the animated film Kimi no Na Wa. He took so many pictures, and we are dedicating an entire scrapbook photo album to his trip! I have loved Japanese culture and history since I was a young girl, and I am so happy my husband loves it, too. I did not travel with him last year, as my job did not allow me to have a vacation.
I became pregnant this year, and we are expecting our first child—a boy!—on November 25th. We are planning to take an international trip from Colorado, USA to Japan next year, around the time our baby is 1 year old. I am most assuredly planning to purchase more clothing from Shimazakura in preparation for our baby’s 1st birthday and I cannot contain my excitement and anticipation for our trip to Japan next year.
Much love from Colorado,
Hannah san / USA - 10/2019

Konnichiwa. Thank you so much for the prompt service and order. You have always done a good job responding to my inquiries and all the items I've ordered from you are exactly as described. This is my about third order from you and I always enjoying looking at your web page for new items even if I always don't buy. I'm looking forward to wearing my new yukata and obi sash. Our Bon Odori - Seattle is in July and I can't wait to wear my new stuff and gift you sent me. I have sent pictures of my first kimono I ordered from you, but will share some new pictures when I dress for Bon Odori. I can't tell you how happy it is to me to shop from you. It's like shopping in Japan without being there. Which I would be overwelmed trying to find where to shop from Japan.
Returning Customer always,
Geri san / USA - 06/2018

I have purchased two different yukata set over the past three years, and I have been exceptionally pleased each time. They are polite and punctual with their service, and even when in the last order when a few items were out of stock they sent pictures of items that would match with the yukata I purchased. I was touched at how much attention to detail the emails and items contained! I will be ordering a kimono from them for my upcoming tea ceremony training, as I trust Shimazakura to deliver quality traditional products.
Rae san / USA - 04/2017

Hello Shimazakura, It was a great pleasure to shop at your store. The kimono came in beautifully, wrapped with attention and care. Thank you for the sweetest personal touches to the package, the hand-written note was so kind and the extra welcome was so generous.I look forward to shopping again with you in the future. My warmest wishes to everyone at Shimazakura,
Michelle san, California / U.S.A

Thank you very much, my winter samue is exactly what I was looking for, and fits very well. It will be perfect for the Canadian weather. I especially enjoyed the personal note and the very nice gift. Impeccable service and friendly staff. Again, thank you.

Marc san / Canada - 05/2015

I always browsed Shimazakura looking for information about the different types of kimono and obi, but i never really looked the items in their store. Other websites that sell kimono are based in Japan. I always browsed Shimazakura looking for information about the different types of kimono and obi, but I never really looked the items in their store. Other websites that sell kimono are based in Japan. They have higher prices on certain items and the shipping fee makes it even more expensive. I finally decided to look, and I discovered that Shimazakura has very reasonably priced kimono, especially the antique kimono. The items I ordered arrived on time and in great condition. I also really appreciated the hand written note in the package. I will definitely be making future purchases with Shimazakura.
Erica san, North Carolina / U.S.A - 12/2013

Shimazakura is now officially one of my favorite places to go for kimono items. Great prices, and a good selection. Shimazakura is located in the state right next to mine, so shipping only took two days! My kimono arrived just as described on the site, and I am excited to wear it for Christmas. The customer service is so friendly - the handwritten note thanking me for my purchase was so sweet! Thank you also for the tabi socks!
Emily san, South Carolina / U.S.A
- 12/2012

I searched for DAYS trying to find a Jinbei in my size to purchase. I finally found a large selection here. When I received it, it was perfect! Exactly what I wanted! Hight quality and well made. Thanks guys! You will be my "go-to" store for Japanese clothing from now on! Oh, did I mention fast shipping and delivery? Yes, that was excellent also!
John san / U.S.A - 09/2012

I ordered the Girl's red Heko Obi, and it was truly beautiful! The site is full of wonderful information about kimonos, and after I bought my item, I was kept updated the entire way about my package and its whereabouts. I was shocked at how quickly it was shipped, and when I did receive it, I couldn't help but smile at the sweet, handwritten note thanking me for my purchase and to come back again soon not to mention a 10% coupon if I took a picture of my yukata and a partial refund of my purchase!). The people of Shimazakura are very kind, pleasant people to do business with, and I will surely come back again!
Christine san, North Carolina / U.S.A - 05/2012

I just received my Blue LL Samue. I was concerned that it would be too small but it actually fits very well and seems to be true to listed size. It is nicely made and exceeds my expectations. It is a great value for the price. Thank you.
Jim san / U.S.A - 02/2012

I wanted to write how wonderful your customer service is. I appreciate how honest you are with describing each item for sale and photos included. I tend to write and ask before I purchase an item that is lower than a "C" rank. But I have no regrets with all my purchases from you! I was really impressed with how lovely my recent purchased items were. And I have shared with my friends that you are a US seller of kimono goods (very hard to find). Also I loved my special gift, thank you kindly!
Bethanee Couch san / U.S.A - 01/2011

I purchased a discountinued Hanhaba obi from you guys in June 2010. I checked the critics on a website I belong to: Immortal Geisha, and I received rave reviews about it matching my blue Yukata. It wasn't just the look of the outfit I liked, but the fact that shipping was done quickly and that the obi came on my birthday. In fact, the service was wonderful to the point that they found a small tear in the bag before I did. The tear didn't bother me at all, but I was refunded part part of my payment for the trouble. I don't have any good pictures to share, but the service was wonderful, and I would shop here again for more accessories.
A.F san Maryland / U.S.A - 12/2010

こんにちは しまざくら!I have never been more excited when it comes to shopping online when I received my yukata parts from Shimazakura! I was able to receive everything in time for the Natsu Matsuri this past July, and I was in style. Another think that I liked about my online shopping experience was how personal they would make my order. They would actually hand write a letter to me saying how appreciate they were to have me as a customer. I have already made two orders here and am very pleased with both! Not only was everything in pristine condition, but Shimazakura even makes the shipping box colorful with stamped, little pink flowers. I feel that this online store really cares their customers, and I would encourage anyone who is looking for kimono/yukata apparel to shop here.
Simone san Birmingham, Alabama / U.S.A - 08/2010

So many beautiful kimono to choose from and at sffordable prices! The customer service is great and the shipping is the most realiable and quick I have ever seen. Packaged with care each box is like a present. Arigatoo Shimazakura!
Karen E. san Durham NH / U.S.A - 07/2010

I am big fun of your service and products. I can count on the time of delivery and quality of your products. Customer service is excellent.
Summy san MI / U.S.A - 07/2010

I ordered a few items from Shimazakura after my local kimono shop tried to sell me similar item for three times the price. My purchase was shipped immediately and the items were of excellent quality. I mentioned on my order form that there was item I could not find, and I quickly received an e-mail from Shimazakura suggesting a better item. I have already made a second purchase from Shimazakura and intend on continuing business with them in the future.
Nicole san San Jose, CA / U.S.A - 06/2010

I am so pleased with my order. The yukata and obi were beautiful. Shipping was extremely fast. I ordered it on a Friday after 2:30pm and it was delivered the following Monday. I could not ask for better service. You have a customer for life.
S.B san Virginia / U.S.A - 06/2010

I have received my little bag with pleasure, I wanted to thank you for the fan. It was very kind of you and I just needed ne for my yukata :) thanks again.
Marjorie san France - 07/2009

I enjoyed the koshihimo. It came in handy when I tied my yukata. It works better than normal fabric. It wraps twice around my body, and fits well. If you want kimono or yukata to fit well, koshihimo is important.
Christy san NM / U.S.A - 07/2009

Dear Shimazakura,
Yes I have received the items or rather my family did as it was a gift for them. They love it so much and they looked really cute in it as well. I want to thank you and your team for such a great kimono and also thank you for the free folding fan. It has been a pleasure to be a customer of yours and I look forward to purchasing more items from your store. If this will be posted on your website I just want to let anyone reading this comment know that I would really recommend this store as they not only have great items but they are very friendly, honest and polite as well. Keep up the good work.
Gie san United Arab Emirates - 11/2008

Yes! Order was shipped very quickly! Only thing I would suggest is more product to chose from. Other than that it's great!Service was excellent! No problems, whatsoever! The items I ordered were neatly packaged to insure they weren't damaged during shipment. Items were shipped very quickly once payment was processed. I am very happy with my purchase at Shimazakura! The yukata I ordered is beautiful! I was very impressed with the quality of merchandise. Fabric is very nice & of high quality!
Amy san Las Vegas, NV / U.S.A - 11/2008

We are very happy to receive your order so quickly. Your website is very easy to use and your service is wonderful. Product is great! One this I wish is if you can expand the selection of material for kids size.
Yo Graham san MI / U.S.A - 09/2008

When speaking of where to purchase traditional Japanese clothing, Shimazakurais your ONE STOP SHOP! Recently purchased a women's geta, yukata, and tsukuriobi set. Not only was the Japanese attire authentic and meticulously made it is altogether GORGEOUS! Customer service is FABULOUS answering all of my emails PROMPTLY and in a very kind and professional manner. The shipping was extremely FAST and the packaging superb. I am more than ELATED over finding such a treasure as Shimazakura and will return again and again. THANK YOU!!
A.J san Michigan / U.S.A - 08/2008

I ordered an obi from Shimazakura and it was shipped very quickly. It was wrapped nicely and is beautiful. I would definitely order from them again!
Michelle san Chicago, IL / U.S.A - 08/2008

I am very happy with the service I received when ordering from Shimazakura. My order was prompt and in pristine condition when I received everything. I look forward to ordering from them in the future.
A.M san Pensacola, FL / U.S.A - 07/2008

I just got the Men's Yukata set I order. As for the product itself, it is also great. It is packed beautifully and I don't see any problem so far. In addition, I asked them for some information on the product before, and they replied me in a quick, patient and professional manner. I will definitely shop here again!!
Ethan san Brooklyn, NY / U.S.A - 2008

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