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YUKATA     &    YUKATA in KIMONO Style

Yukata is considered as a casual Kimono and normally worn with an Obi and Geta only. Nowadays, many people started to wear Yukata in a Kimono style so that they can enjoy the elegance of Kimono with an affordable and easy maintenace Yukata. Check to see how it change the look!!!

     Style 1                                       Style 2                                            Style 3
     with Hanhaba Obi Only         with Pink Lace Obi Ita   +           with Lilac Lace Obi Ita +
                                                        Green Tea Obijime                      Brown Obijime
 Yukata style 1 yukata style 2 Yukata style 3
 Yukata style 1 Yukata style 2 Yukata style 3

 Kimono Style ----->

Since wearing a Yukata in a Kimono style is very modern and unique, you do not have to have all the items mentioned below. You just wear the items you want to wear. Casual Kimono such as Yukata has more easy rules. Wearing a Yukata in this style will show your creativity and your sense. Be creative!! Enjoy!!!

Recommended items to use:

- Haneri                                                      ---> Go check it out
- Obiage                                                      ---> Go check it out
- Obi Ita                                                      ---> Go check it out
- Obijime                                                    ---> Go check it out
- Obi Belt                                                    ---> Go check it out
- Tabi (lace tabi is recommended)            ---> Go check it out
- Obidome (accessory on the obijime)

***Names Of Kimono Accessories***