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You have been checking your favorite Yukata set for a while but cannot afford it right at this moment?
You know you want to get this Jinbei only if you have more time?
You let it go your favorite Obi before and don't want that to happen again this time?

Well, there is a solution. Now Shimazakura is offering "LAYAWAY" service!!
If you see the items you really don't want to miss, you can put them on layaway. 

How do I do it?

1. Find the items you like to purchase and place an order.
2. When you place an order, please indicate in the comment box that you want to layaway the

3. Make a deposit payment for your order.
    Paypal :
4. Pay the rest of your order amount within 30days(one month).
5. Wait a little...
6. Receive your order.
7. Enjoy!!!!!


*  The deposit will be counted towards your order amount.
*  Rest of the order amount has to be paid in full with in 30days or a month
    after placing the order.
You will receive an e-mail with this layaway period.
* The deposit is non-refundable. If the rest of the payment is not made in time,
   there will be no
deposit refund. The deposit is used toward holding the item for you.
* If the full payment has not made in time, the item will be available to other customers.
* If any payment has not made after 2 hours of placing and order, layaway and regular purchase
   both will be canceled.
* Layaway is available to the product price or order total $100 and up.
* If you decide to purchase some but not all the items within your order, please see the deposit
   policy below.
* Your deposit is non-refundable. You will not receive the money back even if you change your
   mind to not purchase the item. Layaway can not be canceled.
* Only Paypal payment is available with Layaway service. 

Deposit Amount

Product or Total order amount                    Deposit
$101 ~ $150                                                    $15
$151 ~ $ 200                                                   $20
$201 ~ $300                                                    $30
$301 ~ $400                                                    $40
$401 ~                                             Please contact us before placing an order

* If you decide to purchase some but not all the items within your order, your deposit for the non-purchased items will not be returned. This will be considered as the fee to hold the items for you.

Ex. You have a layaway order of 3 items totaling $250. You decided to purchase only 1 item which costs  $ 120.

   Your order    Your deposit
     $250                  $30

    Original order        Final order         Canceled Layaway order                     Deposit for
          $250            -       $120         =             $130 ($250-$120)     ---->    canceled order of $130 
                                                                                                                       (non-refundable)                                                                                                                                            $15

* Deposit is non-refundable.  We will keep the $15 for holding the items you decide not to purchase.

New Due Amount 
  Your final order        deposit                                 Your due
         $120            -       $15 ($30-$15)        =            $ 105