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Customer Reviews

Hi there,

Just today my purchase has been shipped at home. 

Let me say my full satisfaction about it, and thank you so much for the included present too.

Have my appreciations for service.

Best Regards,

From Alberto ( Italy )    05/2011

こんにちは しまざくら!I have never been more excited when it comes to shopping online when I received my yukata parts from Shimazakura! I was able to receive everything in time for the Natsu Matsuri this past July, and I was in style.  Another thing that I liked about my online shopping experience was how personal they would make my order.  They would actually hand write a letter to me saying how appreciative they were to have me as a customer.  I have already made two orders here and am very pleased with both! Not only was everything in pristine condition, but Shimazakura even makes the shipping box colorful with stamped, little pink flowers.  I feel that this online store really cares about their customers, and I would encourage anyone who islooking for kimono/yukata apparel to shop here.
From Simone (Birmingham / Alabama )    08/2010

So many beautiful Kimono to choose from and at affordable prices! The customer service is great and the shipping is the most reliable and quick I have ever seen. Packaged with care each box is like a present. Arigatoo Shimazakura!
From Karen E.  ( Durham / NH )      07/2010

I am big fan of your service and products. I can count on the time of delivery and quality of your products. Customer service is excellent.
From Summy ( MI )          07/2010

I ordered a few items from Shimazakura after my local kimono shop tried to sell me similar items for three times the price.  My purchase was shipped immediately and the items were of excellent quality.  I mentioned on my order form that there was item I could not find, and I quickly received an e-mail from Shimazakura suggesting a better item.  I have already made a second purchase from Shimazakura and intend on continuing business with them in the future.
From Nicole (San Jose / CA)    06/2010
I am so pleased with my order.  The yukata and obi were beautiful.  Shipping
was extremely fast.  I ordered it on a Friday after 2:30pm and it was delivered
the following Monday. I could not ask for better service. You have a
customer for life.

From S.B  (Virginia)    06/2010

I have received my little bag with pleasure, i wanted to thank you for the fan.It was very kind of you and I just needed one for my yukata :) thanks again.
From Marjorie (France)    07/2009

I enjoyed the koshihimo. It came in handy when I tied my yukata. It works better than normal 
fabric. It wraps twice around my body, and
fits well. If you want kimono or yukata to fit well,
koshihimo is
From Christy (NM) 07/2009
Dear Shimazakura,
Yes I have received the items or rather my family did as it was a gift for them.

y love it so much and they looked really cute in it as well. I want to thank you andyour team for such a great kimono and also thank you for the free folding fan. It has been a pleasure to be a customer of yours and I look forward to purchasing more items from your store. If this will be posted on your website I just want to let anyone reading this comment know that I would really recommend this store as they not only have greatitems but they are very friendly, honest and polite as well. Keep up the good work.

From Gie
(United Arab Emirates)       11/2008
Yes! Order was shipped very quickly!  
Only thing I would suggest is more product to chose from.. other than that itís great!
Service was excellent! No problems, whatsoever! The items I ordered were neatly packaged
to insure they werenít damaged during shipment. Items were shipped very quickly once
payment was processed. I am very happy with my purchase at Shimazakura!
The Yukata I ordered is beautiful! I was very impressed with the quality of merchandise.
Fabric is very nice & of high quality!

From Amy (Las Vegas / NV) 11/2008
We are very happy to receive your order so quickly.Your web is very easy to use and your service is wonderful. Product is great! One thing I wish is if you can expand the selection of material for kids size.
From Yo Graham (MI )
When speaking of where to purchase traditional Japanese clothing, 
is your
ONE STOP SHOP!I recently purchased a women's geta,
and tsukuriobi set.  Not only was the Japanese attire authentic and
meticulously made it is altogether GORGEOUS!
Customer service is F
ABULOUS answering all of my emails PROMPTLY and in a very
kind and professional manner.  The shipping was extremely FAST and the packaging superb.
I am more than ELATED over finding such a treasure as Shimazakura and will return
again and again.  THANK YOU!! 
From A. J (Michigan )

I ordered an obi from Shimazakura and it was shipped very quickly. It was wrapped
nicely and is beautiful. I would definitely order from them again!
From Michelle (Chicago / IL) 08/2008

I am very happy with the service I received when ordering from Shimazakura.
My order was prompt and in pristine condition when I received everything.
I look forward to ordering from them in the future.
From A. M (Pensacola / FL)

I just got the Men's Yukata set I order. As for the product itself, it is also great.
It is packed beautifully and I don't see any problem so far.
In addition, I asked them for some information on the product before,
and they replied me in a quick, patient and professional manner.  
I will definitely shop here again!!

From Ethan (Brooklyn / NY) 2008

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