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~ Let's Share your Kimono Styling HERE ~

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Here are the pictures of my 7 year old daughters in their new Yukatas.
Jenn san / USA

 photo CYMERA_20150325_200452_zpszqwsvlfk.jpg
Shimazakura team, Thank you so much for adding a personal touch to my shopping experience!
Tha shipping was really fast! I really appreciate the hand written note and gift!
It is the perfect gift to go with my yukata! The koshihimo matched nicely and it is a great quality!
I cannot wait to wear it this summer! Great communication and very accommodating.
I hope to be a repeating customer and hopefully I can catch more items before they are "sold out"!
You have very nice selections and it would be nice if you can stock more tabi socks!
ElegantT san / USA

Hello! My name is Arli Sierra and I live in California, United States. I've been wanting to wear a Kimono or Yukata since forever! I finally was able to get a Kimono in Los Angeles but I wasn't able to find a Obi sash and than I find this online shop! I have to say, the products here are simply beautiful! Not only that, but this place is really great with giving out information, responding to questions, and even shipping! I didn't have to wait even five days and I already was able to receive my Obi sash! Needless to say, I am very happy with my product. Even that small handwritten letter they sent with the package just made my day even better~ Five Golden stars to this shop!~ I will come back and buy from this shop again!~
Arli san / California USA

:: Sakura at Portland ::

Hello! My name is Yicong, I'm currently living in Portland, Oregon. At these days, Cherry blossm trees are blooming so well at Portland. I really want to take a shot with those pretty sakura, and that's why I purchased my first yukata set "Ohanami" at Shimazakura. This was a wonderful experience of shopping kimono, the pattern of it is very cute. I like the color of my "Ohanami," and I think the quality is very good as well. All of my friends said that this yukata looked so pretty on me. So I'm here sharing these photos to you. And, thank you, Shimazakura! I'll definetly come back and buy more kimonos!

Yicong Yan san / Portland, Oregon, USA

I know it wasn't easy to dress her but you did a great job!!
Thank you so much we really appreciate your kindness and patience!!
Her father is part Japanese and is deployed right now and he loves the kimono!
Thank you again!

Nicole san / USA

Thank you for my very first Jinbei. I will cherish this with gratitude. Namaste.
Patrick san / USA

:: Water Balloons ::
She is 10 months old and is enjoying the her first Sakura Festival.
Her favorite part was playing with the water balloons and handing them to other people.
She got lots of complements on her jinbei. Thank you your all that you do.
Selena chan / Denver, Colorado USA

Good Morning, Thank you for the outstanding product.
I wore my kimono with my hakama and shitagi to my iaido class.
My senpai approved. Arigatougozaimasu!
Vincent Chan san / San Bruto, California USA

Konnichiwa Shimazakura san! Today, I picked up my samue. It looks really nice.
Thanx a lot - and of course for your gift. Arigatou gozaimasu! Much success and all the best.
Renato san / Cologne, Germany

Just finished our summer Bon Odori here in Seattle. The weather was beautiful along with all the colorful kimonos.
Here are a few photos of Bon Odori along with a few at the Seattle Japanese Gardens.
Geri san / Seattle, USA

Here's my daughter in her beautiful new Jinbei, all dresses up for my school's multicultural night.
She was a big hit! Thanks so much!
Siobhan san and Baby / USA

Konnichiwa! We had fun with our recent purchase of a kimono from your lovely shop.
Here is a picture of my wife "cosplaying" Rukia Kuchiki of the anime BLEACH (366 episodes!!)
Have a great day!
John san & Wiangfa san / USA

Hello, thank you so much for shipping my yukata and haori!
I am 110% satisfied with my purchase! Antique Women's Haori
(komon print, pink and gold silk with pink striped lining) for Aki Matsuri 2012 (japanese Fall Festival)
Poppy san / Austin, Texas USA

My daughter's first Jinbei and already she really likes wearing it.
She loves it. Thanks.
Natashia san / Wesson, MS USA

Thank you very much! We loved our daughter's first Jinbei! It is really good quality and well made.
It was also shipped to us quickly. She was also very comfortable in it an was able to crawl all over the place!
Mika san / USA

:: Usagi Yukata! ::
Our daughter loves to wear yukatas. It is a special way for he to connect with her heritage.
Fusako san / Arizona, USA

Hello, Thank you very much for yje great & personal service!
I love the handwritten note!
I hope you enjoy the photos attached.
Donna san / USA

Kyouya san

Hi! This is my newest kimono, it is beautiful lavender with wave patterns woven into it.
I started taking Japanese Dance two years ago, its so much fun!
Its wonderful to have such a reliable place to find kimonos and accessories in the US! Thanks
Carter san / USA

This is my first yukata and I didn't wear it wrong.
The reason it looks like right over left is because I take the picture from the mirror =P
My yukata has pink, black, and white cherry blossoms with a black/red obi. I didn't have a full photo shot for the whole out fit because no one wants to take a picture of me lol
Stephanie san / Newton, MA USA

This is a picture a friend took of me a t the Japanese Friendship Gardens,
my boyfriend got this for me off of this site a year ago.
Britney san

This is my very first yukata.
It was sent to me by a very good friend of mine who is now my kind and loving husband.
Utsana san / Australia
Lissie san / USA

I love it, thanks again and I will continue to check up on the site for more beautiful kimonos.
Heather san / USA

Kimono is not of any brand. It is my work.
Some goes for the hair equipment.
Tessia san / Salvakia

This is our daughter Naomi Kako Maddocks. She is 2 months old.
We love the kimono and can't wait to purchase another one.
Jared san , Chantal san , and Naomi chan / USA

Here is a photo of the pink nagoya obi and obijime I recently purchased.
Bethanee san / USA

Japanese Garden Photo in Southern Japan.
Martha san / Natchitoches, LA USA