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島ざくら ~ Shimazakura ~    is a Japanese owned Online Kimono Shop based in US.

We sell Traditional Japanese Clothing, specializing in YUKATA / SUMMER KIMONO and JINBEI.We only carry genuine JAPANESE YUKATAs and JINBEIs.* At Shimazakura, you can find great quality products for an affordable price. We spend time and effort to select the items which we believe make customers happy. We guarantee that you will be able to see the beauty of each items. Through wearing these clothing, we hope that you can feel the beautiful culture of Japan.

* Most of Japanese Yukatas sold in Japan are made in China using Japanese made fabric.

We believe that a KIMONO reflects the good traditional culture and attitude of Japan. Because of its design, when you wear a YUKATA or KIMONO, your posture will be corrected, your foot steps will be shortened and slowed, your walk and attitude naturally be changed. Wearing KIMONO / YUKATA makes you look elegant in a very graceful way. You will experience some of the Japanese culture through our products.

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