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With western clothing, you would wear accessories such as earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet and etc.....
With Kimono wearing, normally "OBIDOME" is the only accessory you would wear and therefore
Obidome is a key item for Kimono Styling. 

Unlike western clothing, all the kimonos pretty much have the same pattern shape.
To show your own style, we would recommend for you to play with "Obidome", 
create your theme, and complete your perfect kimono look!

*** Our Obidome Back opening is about 1.3cm. 
We would recommend the Obijime which is flat and less than 1.3cm in width with short or no fusa edge. (left photo)
Obijime with long fusa edge may require some tool to let it go through the obidome hole. (right photo)

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Flower Obidome Flower Obidome Flower Obidome
Red - Rose Yellow - Sun Flower Lilac - Peony
Flower Obidome Kokeshi Doll Obidome Flower Obidome
OBD-124 Kokeshi Doll Obidome
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $9.00
You save $6.00!
Passion Pink - Peony Kokeshi Doll - Blue, Pink
Yellow - Chrysanthemum
Flower Obidome Goldfish Obidome Kokeshi Doll Obidome
Dark Green - Chrysanthemum Black Goldfish - Pink Flower
Kokeshi Doll - Green, Pink
Kokeshi Doll Obidome Kokeshi Doll Obidome Kokeshi Doll Obidome
Kokeshi Doll - Pink
Kokeshi Doll - Blue, Red, Yellow
Kokeshi Doll - Green, Yellow
Kokeshi Doll Obidome Kokeshi Doll Obidome Kokeshi Doll Obidome
Kokeshi Doll - Blue, White
Kokeshi Doll - Blue, Red
Kokeshi Doll - Blue, Green, Pink
Goldfish Obidome Goldfish Obidome Goldfish Obidome
Orange Goldfish - Purple Flower
Orange Goldfish - Green Leaf
Blue Goldfish - White Flower
Sanshoku Dango Obidome Goldfish Obidome Flower Obidome
Sanshoku Dango - Pink, White, Green
Couple Goldfish - Orange
Flower - Blue
Flower Obidome
Cherry Blossom - Pink